My Unseen Labyrinth


Breakaway By Rei After the World changed the way we live, I had quite some time to think. I am a deep thinker in general, but it took me deeper into these past months. More than anything, I have a better understanding of myself. Being a single mother, I try to live in the moment, not…

Adjusting to a New Era by Rei

Adjusting to a New Era By Rei It has been a challenging six months for everyone. Ever since the pandemic, life hasn’t been the same. And it will never be the same. We are moving to a new era. I never thought that I would experience anything like this though I am sure that I…

How I Dealt With Bullying by Marquesa Lola

How I Dealt With Bullying By Marquesa Lola I suffered from bullying for many months, but it did not stop me from hanging out with my bully, considering her to be my best friend. She pushed me to my limits and to do horrible things.  Today, I want to share a bullying experience with you.…

Empowering the Voice that Goes Unspoken

At Capturing Dragons Studio we strive to unite the community using engaging visual art mediums. As a format to reach our goal of uniting people from all ends of the world we have created My Unseen Labyrinth. 

My Unseen Labyrinth contains original content involving bloggers of various ages, genders, and backgrounds. As a society, we have grown accustomed to portraying ourselves to be “happy” on social media platforms.

What most of us truly know, but are afraid to vocalize, is that we have become a “lonely” generation. Each individual of the blog has a story of struggle, not only with the outside world, but most importantly the world within us. 

With mental health awareness rising, our bloggers speak about their journeys and the techniques they use in attempt to control their anxieties and insecurities. My Unseen Labyrinth is designed to empower and embrace those who have yet to find their voice and to reassure them that they are not alone.

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