Capturing Dragons Studio has decided to embark on a new adventure: the publication of a magazine. Name? Xirimiri. 

Xirimiri (pronounced shirimiri) is a word in Euskera, the language of the Basque Country, that describes a special kind of rain. It is a continuous drizzle characterized by petite droplet size, giving the impression that the droplets float in the air instead of falling.

Xirimiri aims to unleash our creativity by focusing on essential issues related to art, culture, ultimately reflecting any relevant aspect of and for our society. Xirimiri would like to raise our voice using our lenses and creativity to reflect our social reality in our day.

For some, rain is synonymous with discomfort. People see it as an inconvenience. For us, rain is a time to relax, a pretext to sit behind a window (aka our lenses) while we are observing these small drops, we enter in a state of reflection. Rain represents that time of isolation to find ourselves, to reflect on internal affairs or those one of our society. 

Just like xirimiri, this rain that is almost unnoticeable, with those small drops that fall constantly without hardly perceiving them, but pierce us to the bone. The same way  Xirimiri, our magazine, intends to enter into the reader’s house, slowly, almost secretly, penetrating the reader until it becomes part of them merging into their day- to- day.

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