Mission Statement

As individuals we ask ourselves who we are? What we stand for? What do we strive to accomplish in life? As a brand, we asked ourselves the same questions. 

What do we believe in? We believe in YOU.

You are the one who has helped us create a strong community.  A community which inspired us to become a passionate brand that creates inspirational and uplifting content. We believe that with passion comes motivation, and motivation is key to persevere. The resilience you hold inside you fuels us to evolve and expand the courage we hold within. We strive to share with the world your unique identities. For your identity can bring comfort and support to an individual who is lost within themselves. 

Our brand desires to contribute our creativity as a tool to unite, inspire, and spread strength.  

Who are Capturing Dragons Studio? We are you… we are all strong powerful Dragons who create legendary tales that future generations will speak off. 

Core Values

Capturing Dragons Studios was built on three core values: Identity, Resilience, and Passion. For every project we work on we strive to hold up to our beliefs. We use our creativity in photography as a tool to unite, inspire, and empower our community and create an uplifting message to share with the world.