Planning a Fashion Photoshoot

The goal of every creator or photographer is to not only get the perfect photo but also that the message and intention of the session reaches the appropriate audience for whom that message is for.

What most people don’t see and possibly don’t imagine is the amount of work behind the process of attempting to get an inspirational photo. For us at Capturing Dragons Studio, the preparation process is as fun and exciting as the moment we present the end product. 

Creativity begins with inspiration, which appears in the most surprising moments and places: a song, a book, a smile. So never let your guard down. Then the work begins to look for fabrics, the dress, accessories, shoes. In short, the look we want for our image. ALWAYS DO A FITTING WITH YOUR MODEL BEFORE THE SHOOT!! We can not emphasize that enough. There are plenty of other aspects you will encounter on shoot day. Try your best to prevent dealing with any issues that can occur. A model not fitting in their wardrobe or not having the right accessories is avoidable. For this photoshoot, the fitting saved us. We had our reservations, but once we finished the fitting we knew we were good to go! It is honestly the best feeling when you start to see the image in your head come to life. (You can see the finished fashion spread here)

The fun continues with scouting for the ideal location that represents and complements our work. Keep your eyes open because sometimes that place is far from you, or just around the corner. Quick tip, never forget to look at what the weather will be on the day of your production. You won’t forgive yourself if the day of your shoot you were hoping for sun but got rain instead. All the planning and preparation out the door.

The day of the shoot is here. Give yourself extra time just in case something unexpected happens. Trust us, something unexpected always happens. Get your models into hair and make-up as soon as they arrive. The process can take a while, so be kind to your crew, provide them with a few snacks, water, coffee. They will thank you for it. Once your model has gone through hair and make-up and has gone through wardrobe; it is time to head to set.

The pressure is on. This is what you have been planning for. I can’t express how important it is to surround yourself with the best team you can. People you trust and know will get the job done. As a photographer, there is a lot of pressure to get that beautiful photo everyone is waiting for. So believe in yourself and your instincts because that is the path to success. It is also beneficial to listen to your creative team while on set, they might see something you are missing.

Once the session ends, the model, the make-up artist, etc., return home. However, for us, the work is only half done. We still have to review all the photos, choose the best ones, edit the ones we select, and finally, we get to what the public sees… The FINAL PRODUCT!

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