Wearing a Face Mask Helps Your Mental Health by Marquesa Lola

Wearing a Face Mask Helps Your Mental Health

By Marquesa Lola

Hello, my friends, this is Marquesa Lola reflecting again on ideas that pop up in my mind as I inch my way forward through life. Today, I want to talk about the concept of wearing a face mask as an act of kindness towards other human beings during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since Covid-19 has entered our lives, face coverings, social distancing, and constant hand washing have become essential, experts say. So, then, my question is: Why is there a revolt against face masks in some parts of our country? I am at a loss to understand this approach, and I am going to try to argue about it. 

First of all, until we get an affordable vaccine that works, we are reduced to utilizing three primary tools: face masks, social distancing, and hand washing. So what is the BIG DEAL about face masks? 

It seems people will not object to washing their hands; after all, we learn to do so from our parents since childhood. On the other hand, most people are OK with social distancing as people, in general, are very territorial about their personal space. At school, students are always encouraged to claim their own private space. However, I fail to understand why wearing a mask is our government’s infringement on our right to choose and on the liberties of our people. 

“To me, wearing a mask these days, though uncomfortable, is an act of kindness.”

In my mind, this argument lacks consistency in its essence, and I will disprove it by stating a simple analogy: the fact that we need to wear clothes while in public. If you walk naked while walking around downtown, you will be arrested. In this case, I have not heard anyone complaining about their right not to wear clothes. I can use the same argument about wearing a face mask during this pandemic. The reality is, in my opinion, that you have more freedom when you wear a mask because you are exercising an exclusive privilege to save lives. When you don’t wear your face mask, you make me feel vulnerable and insecure in my surroundings as I fear getting infected by you. Therefore, you are hurting my emotional being. 

To me, wearing a mask these days, though uncomfortable, is an act of kindness. I wake up every morning and prepare my running attire, which includes a face covering. I have many types of face masks. Some of the face masks I purchased from Amazon. They look like colorful scarves, and they match many of my outfits. Today, face masks come in different shapes and colors. They can be fashionable and colorful. Many of them, perhaps, are not adequate for all activities but you can choose to wear different ones for different occasions. If masks are here to protect us, let’s make the best out of them.

“Wearing my mask helps me model to other generations a sense of responsibility needed in this society.”

Wearing my mask helps me model to other generations a sense of responsibility needed in this society. It gives me the feeling that I am helping others stay healthy. In return, I find it very comforting when I see people wearing face masks during my daily run. I feel grateful to them because wearing a face mask, in today’s world, shows they care for others. 

When you wear a face mask, you demonstrate you have empathy for people who could potentially get infected by you. We must remember that even if we don’t feel sick, we could be asymptomatic and capable of spreading the virus to others. It is vital to me that you wear your face mask to protect me; it makes me think you care about me. I feel so happy when I see people wearing their face mask outside that I make a point to thank them for doing so. They usually feel grateful to me for acknowledging their effort. In return, I protect them by wearing my face mask to potentially save their lives.

We have to remember that we wear face masks to protect others, not ourselves, and that shows great care and strength of character. Subsequently, we should expect the same level of solidarity from the rest of the population. We must stop making this a political issue. Wearing a face mask is not a liberal or conservative issue. It is a health and safety issue and ultimately shows compassion, something that is not common these days in our world. I plan on printing and wearing a t-shirt to wear around. Its message, straightforward: I Wear a Face Mask to Protect You, Thank you for Wearing Yours to Save my Life. 

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