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I Am the Main Character in My Life.

“Not being good enough” mentality is exhausting. Do not allow anyone to take away your growth and discourage you from trying something they feel is impossible to do.

Live Your Life Your Way

I’m living my life based on everything that I have chosen to have in my life. I’m not following a guideline because that’s basic. Live your life your way.

The Struggle of Being the Youngest Child

I’m the youngest child. My parents had three kids, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but to my parents, it was like, “Yooo, we need to help this one too?!?!?”

Giving My Younger Self the Confidence I Need

If you could go back to those moments where you felt attacked in past relationships, what would you tell yourself? I was asked this fascinating question the other day. I was talking about how shitty people were as I was growing up. 

My Baby Pug Turns Three Months

Tell me why Winston enjoys playing with my clothes, a plastic cup, lint on the floor, even his pee pee pad and ignores his toys?

How Being an Empath Can Lead to Getting to Know Yourself

I believe it is a fantastic quality to be in tune with your emotions and understanding what/how the other person is dealing with their life. People make it seem as a negative thing to be “sensitive” and understand your emotions, but being an empath can lead to getting to know yourself.

Manifesting My Pug Dreams

I have always loved the idea of owning a pug. I made it my mission to manifest my dream. Living at home brought a big challenge my way. What is that challenge?? Well, I call her “Mom.

Thoughts That Came to Mind Because of Coronavirus

I have mixed emotions about life right now. The more I think about life at this moment the scarier the thought becomes.