Thoughts That Came to Mind Because of Coronavirus

By Abbie Vanessa

Oh Corona, I have mixed emotions about life right now. The more I think about life at this moment the scarier the thought becomes. Let me explain, we have all been affected by this pandemic in different ways. Lost our jobs, Schools getting shut down, people losing their homes, and people who don’t even have homes. So many lives have been lost. 

I count my blessing every day and I’m grateful that I have a family to be with and not having to worry about where i’ll sleep or if i’ll be able to eat tomorrow. I had to stop going on social media and using the internet for a bit in the beginning. I was so overwhelmed with how much greed, nastiness, and selfishness I was seeing.

NOT EVEN DEATH scared people enough to say “Shit maybe I should just stay home.” DOESN’T THAT BLOW YOUR MIND?

Can’t people stop complaining about staying home if it meant saving your moms, grandmas, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and dads life? Just a thought though.

We are struggling and dealing with our own shit, but we can be selfless for just a bit to save each other! Now that had me thinking about how I haven’t been as great as I use to be as a human. 

“We can be selfless for just a bit to save each other.”

I use to volunteer anywhere I could to help out anyone who needed it.

I’ve gotten so wrapped up in work that I just thought about myself and my future and how am I going to be a successful adult !!! A whole two years distracted  from work had me slipping and forgetting about what I really wanted to do in life. Makes me sad living in an environment that easily distracts you from understanding that life is more than just work. When do we just stop and say, “what I have is enough!!” Here is a question I like asking people, What do you value in life aside from this career?” This is more than just a thought. MONEY is not everything. Crazy that if you don’t have enough or any at all you are worthless. This is more than a thought. Thats the reality we accept.

Living in LA, a city where it’s sunny full of beautiful talented people. Sure, thats literally a small part of LA because there’s so much thats being hidden and dismissed. You know what it really looks like? Empty old buildings, streets full of homeless people and trash. It is everywhere and it’s only going to get worse.

By the way, not everyone you see living on the streets have a drug or alcohol problem. It could happen to anyone regardless of not having those difficulties. Most people are living pay check to pay check. Having to come up with money for car payment, car insurance, health insurance , phone bills, rent, school, and ohhh man I can keep going, but I’m sure you get the idea.

IT’S FUCKING RIDICULOUS. We are all in the same position and no one is safe from this. If Corona hasn’t shown you that yet…idk what will.

Getting laid off and not having that security of a full time job can easily be taken away. Doesn’t matter how smart, hardworking, or how much money you make for a company. Stop thinking you are untouchable and above others.

So please, next time you see someone thats in need, think of what you can give away. Supplies, food, clothes, even spend a few dollars on soap to give to them. The small things still matter. No one deserves to have to live that way. This is a great time to sit down and think about how we could be more united and helpful to our own communities to become better humans! To me that doesn’t seem so hard. What a dream to have, right? I know getting everyone to actually want to be a decent human being is impossible but I hope whoever reads this actually wants to change. Even if it’s within your own reality. Be kind, be loving, help a stranger whenever the opportunity arrives, and never expect anything in return. Correct others when they sound stupid as hell with their ignorant ass and guide them to be better. Too many quiet people that allow shit to slide. Also a thought. 

“We could be more united and helpful to our own communities to become better humans!”


Aside from becoming a better human being here are some things you can do today,

Go for a walk, meditate, read a book, learn a new skill , limit your screen time, fucking get a plant growing, create a vision board. Stay safe and always focus on the bigger picture and don’t get stuck thinking about the things that were taken away from you.

Take a breath and remember that you are capable of literally anything you want to put your mind to. Before sharing kindness and love to others, start by looking into a mirror everyday and appreciating what you have in in this life. Here I will help… 

“Whats up you beautiful creature, cheers to another day of being healthy and looking sexy as hell!!! What I have is enough and I can’t wait to see what is coming my way today.”     

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