COVID-19 Hits the World

By Rei

As an individual, COVID-19 affected me in many ways. I think that fear brings stress , stress weakens the immune system. I have not only witnessed how COVID-19 has affected our society but also our planet. Although I am not physically affected by the virus, the energy circling the world has affected me in ways I didn’t expect.

But my life isn’t just only me, I am a mother of two, and coronavirus has impacted me as a mom the most. In a paranoia mode, people started to buy things they think are primary necessities without considering others’ needs. I experienced fear and stress when going grocery shopping and seeing shelves wiped clean of essential resources I NEED to provide for my children.  

“The energy circling the world has affected me in ways I didn’t expect.”

Soon after, the orders of being quarantined at home came. As of now, Los Angeles will practice stay-at-home order from 3/19 to 5/15, and schools will be closed for this school year. Until then children are going to have remote learning and homeschooling. In Los Angeles, all parks, beaches and hiking paths are closed. Social distancing is required for 6 feet, this is quite challenging with all aspects in life. Wearing face masks is mandatory outside. I would never imagine that we are going through this.

I always had a feeling that the world would be so different when my kids grew up. I believe that things happen for a reason, so there is something to learn from this opportunity. We have been given this time to focus on our families and ourselves.

So far, as a single mother of two, who was always exhausted and juggling, it has given me some realizations. I noticed that I am not as tired as I was before this pandemic. Before my regular day was getting up at 5:30am to start the day by making their breakfast and lunch boxes, driving the kids to two different schools and all their activities, spending time at the park, helping with the homeworks, and all of that being pressured with how to manage the time during the day to accomplish this schedule make me exhausted. Their homework brought a lot of mental and physical challenges. So, the idea of being with my kids all day long, for such a long period of time, was stressing me. 

However, the quarantine brings me a totally different perspective and calm that I did not expect. I haven’t had this feeling for such a long time; my kids are so cute.  I am not yelling (as much)! I even get to play with them and have time to teach chores and other things that schools don’t teach. Instead of spending too much time studying, we are focusing on activities such as cooking, practicing yoga, meditating, playing cards, doing Origami, taking a short walk etc. It will take sometime to adjust to distance learning, but it is a new concept for everyone: schools, children and parents.  I am taking advantage of this time with my kids with more fun and full of smiles. 

I am not only seeing how COVID-19 affects me as a mother and witnessing how it has affected our society but also our planet. As a global citizen, I see what is happening in the world as Earth goes through detox. We as humans took it for granted; we have too much focus on things we don’t necessarily need. Too much pollution for profits and pleasures for 7.8 billion people. We lost the harmony we once had with the Earth. As reported, many parts of Earth have better air and water qualities, animals are enjoying nature…. It is an unfortunate way to give all of us a wake up call. I believe that  we chose our paths before we were born though we don’t remember our soul missions. Those people who have lost their lives or suffered from this virus are true heroes to awaken us.

“I see what is happening in the world as Earth goes through detox.”

As a mother, going through this time with my children, I am seeing clearly that they are experiencing things that are more important in life, and sharing the quality time as family. I noticed that my children and I are more relaxed and smiling. I see this is a wake up call from earth to us. A teaching how we need to live in harmony and preserve the Earth for the future generation, as well as shifting the way we are with our system.  I deeply hope it will be a new beginning that will bring the best of us and how we interact with Earth. In the spiritual community, it has been said that Spring Equinox day (the first day of Spring) which was March 19 this year, was going to have a big shift. We are awakening, it is a new beginning. It gave me the “AHA!” moment I was waiting for.

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