By Rei

After the World changed the way we live, I had quite some time to think. I am a deep thinker in general, but it took me deeper into these past months. More than anything, I have a better understanding of myself. Being a single mother, I try to live in the moment, not worry about the future. Having the realization that I have already lived more than half of my life (though my great-grandmother lived 94, and my grandmother is 92), I have a clear vision of who I want to be and how I want to spend the rest of my life. Live free-spirited – align with my soul.

I overcame many obstacles in my life. Exploring different healing modalities and learning Spiritual path, I was led to become a holistic healer. My healing practice is not my self-satisfaction; I want to heal others. I became a Reiki Master finally, after being a practitioner for nine years. I intend to teach others so many people can practice self-healing. 

Apparently, this is my path. It opened up my heart. I decided to come out from the shell and make my website to reach out to as many people who might need my service. 

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Technology and I don’t have the perfect pair. It usually gives me a headache and anxiety with my lack of knowledge. The terminology sounds foreign language to me. Yet, I found fun to build a website! Nowadays, you can create a website easily if you are not so picky. 

The challenging part was taking self-portraits. I don’t take pictures of myself and find uncomfortable. Capturing Dragons Studio, who took self-portraits for me. They understood my needs and helped me capture the amazing self-portraits. Also, they brought me many smiles and made it fun. This whole process was just a gift for me. Since they built their beautiful website, they have consulted with my site. This entire process made me appreciate all these people who supported me.

Knowing myself, I will branch out. I am always looking for the next thing to expand. I am grateful and excited about life. Please check out my newly launched website when you have a chance. If you need any session, I am here for you 🙂

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