How the Law of Attraction Works

By Rei

As there is a saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” That’s how exactly the Law of Attraction works. You only attract the same vibration as everything is energy.  

You only attract the same vibration as everything is energy.”  

When people are so lost, what do they tend to do? Ask for advice. When I almost made up my mind 95% about the divorce, I just need the final push. The divorce was the hardest decision that I have ever made. However, It was not about myself alone; it involved my two children. I had to be sure. We didn’t want to tell anyone to oppose it; also, this was the matter of my ex and I. So, I looked up and called for psychic/tarot cards. She was just right on (at least that’s what I wanted to believe), and she gave me the answer that I was looking for, “Children will be fine.” That’s all I needed to hear. It sounds crazy, but it worked out. 

I have faith in myself. I am the creator of my life

After the divorce, with my crazy busy schedule, every day after kids went to bed, I made time for myself to learn about the spiritual path. Also, exploring how this Universe works out, it gave me a different perspective and comfort. In particular, one of the methods that I used was the Law of Attractions. There are plenty of ways to manifest. I tried many of them, Two cups methods, Manifesting Candle, New/Full Moon rituals, Crystal Intention, Visualization, Wish lists, etc. However, I didn’t stick with any of them, but I could say that I manifested many wishes. 

I barely seek advice from friends or family as I usually have answers. Being a single mother, there were times that I faced uncertainty. Those times, I wasn’t able to connect to myself due to many blockages. The Law of attraction was not working. I sought comfort through psychics/tarot cards services once a year. It supposed to access my higher self. For me, it ended up building more blockages after all. I depended on instead of living in the moment, slowed down the manifestation. 

Eventually, what I learned from my experiences, is that I create my reality. I can manifest by visualizing as it is already manifested and keep the higher vibrations. Most importantly, being open by letting go of the conditions/egos and taking actions. Leave everything to the Universe, no attachment.  

” What I learned is that I create my reality.”

Matt Kahn explains the best for me, Law of attraction is co-creation of the Universe and myself. “It isn’t a spiritual form of Amazon Prime. You are attracted to great circumstances, not because those circumstances will make you any happier, but because your true happiness is evolving into a higher version of yourself where those new shiny objects are merely symbols for the joy and fulfillment you will feel as a newly-transformed you.”

Too bad, I have the Prime membership, Lol. 

I stopped seeking for answers elsewhere, even facing the difficulties. These are happening for me to overcome. Ever since listening to inner-self, I connect myself more. I have faith in myself. I am the creator of my life, and everything will manifest in the perfect timing. 

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