By Rei

After the World changed the way we live, I had quite some time to think. I am a deep thinker in general, but it took me deeper into these past months. More than anything, I have a better understanding of myself. Being a single mother, I try to live in the moment, not worry about the future. Having the realization that I have already lived more than half of my life (though my great-grandmother lived 94, and my grandmother is 92), I have a clear vision of who I want to be and how I want to spend the rest of my life. Live free-spirited – align with my soul.

I overcame many obstacles in my life. Exploring different healing modalities and learning Spiritual path, I was led to become a holistic healer. My healing practice is not my self-satisfaction; I want to heal others. I became a Reiki Master finally, after being a practitioner for nine years. I intend to teach others so many people can practice self-healing. 

Apparently, this is my path. It opened up my heart. I decided to come out from the shell and make my website to reach out to as many people who might need my service. 

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Technology and I don’t have the perfect pair. It usually gives me a headache and anxiety with my lack of knowledge. The terminology sounds foreign language to me. Yet, I found fun to build a website! Nowadays, you can create a website easily if you are not so picky. 

The challenging part was taking self-portraits. I don’t take pictures of myself and find uncomfortable. Capturing Dragons Studio, who took self-portraits for me. They understood my needs and helped me capture the amazing self-portraits. Also, they brought me many smiles and made it fun. This whole process was just a gift for me. Since they built their beautiful website, they have consulted with my site. This entire process made me appreciate all these people who supported me.

Knowing myself, I will branch out. I am always looking for the next thing to expand. I am grateful and excited about life. Please check out my newly launched website when you have a chance. If you need any session, I am here for you 🙂

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Accessing and Balancing the Subconscious Mind by Rei

Accessing and Balancing the Subconscious Mind

By Rei

We have so many thoughts each day, yet we only use 5% or less of the conscious mind. The rest is the subconscious mind. In other words, we are only aware of the tip of the iceberg. What is the subconscious mind? The subconscious mind is physical functions, feelings, deep belief systems, intuitions, and so on. The Law of attraction works with the subconscious mind. For instance, what you wish in a conscious mind is not necessarily what you believe deep inside. Accessing and balancing the subconscious mind is beneficial as it occupies most of our minds and abilities. 

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There are many ways to balance the subconscious mind. One of them is meditation. When I had a hypnotherapy session, I couldn’t access my subconscious mind because my conscious mind was way too busy. That’s when I started to practice meditation. It is quite challenging in the beginning, I started with guided meditation, and meditation music (Solfeggio music) helps. 

“Meditation has given me guidance, self-healing, purification as well as less inner chatter. “

Stages of brain waves:

Beta 13-40 HzAwakeoveractive thinking, fear, anxiety, stress

Alpha 7-13 HzLight Meditationrelaxed, creativity, super learning

Theta 4-7 HzDeep Meditation intuition, inspiration, memory enhancement

Delta 0-4 Hz Deep Sleepunconscious mind, growth hormone release, immune system, self-healing

Meditation has health benefits, as well. Being relaxed mode brings better mental states – less inner chatter gives a clear mind, reducing stress can lead to better breathing, improving circulation, boosting the immune system, and balancing Chakras that align energy. 

Meditation has given me guidance, self-healing, purification as well as less inner chatter. 

The best time to get the most rest and hormone balance is going to bed before 10 pm. Being said, it is good for Beauty; I go to bed before this time 🙂 It is known to connect with the Universe: meeting our higher self receiving guidance and ideas. A good example is a dream. My son once told me that he gets so many creative ideas while he is sleeping without sharing my knowledge. Children are so aligned with the subconscious mind. 

And of course, BodyTalk is all about accessing the subconscious mind. 

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By using the techniques above, my subconscious mind has been reprogrammed step by step. In order to keep it, I believe that the best thing is “Living in the moment.” Do not give too much thought and treat yourself to a relaxing time that produces more productivity and brings peace rather than a busy mind. It is all about balancing. 

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Walking My Life Journey with Soulmates by Rei

Walking My Life Journey with Soulmates

By Rei

Soulmate, Soul Family, Soul Group, Kindred Spirit, Twin Flame, etc., there are many types to be called. I am just going to use Soulmate here. After all, it doesn’t matter what they are called. A soulmate doesn’t need to be a romantic partner; it can be a friend, family member, co-worker, or someone you just met. It can be anyone. And we will encounter many of them. Soulmates appear in our lives to teach us a lesson for soul growth or to support each other to achieve a life mission. Some might stay, and some might come and go.

I can say that my inner circle is my soulmates. We support each other to achieve our goals. Some teach me lessons and guidance. They live all over the world, thanks to technology! 

Knowing how the Universe works, I am better at dealing with situations. When an unpleasant situation occurs. I try to figure out what this situation/person is trying to teach me – A Mirroring effect – reflection of your inner self. 

It was an absolute choice. Choosing the path of acceptance this time without forcing myself. 

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I must say that my ex-husband is one of my soulmates. He has given me hundreds of lessons. We came from 180 degrees of different circumstances, cultures, personalities, and values. We are way too different. When we are together, we can be fine without faking. Or it can be the worst. The reason why our marriage ended was our differences in values and personalities. Instead of accepting the differences, it became resentment to both of us. We also grew apart. 

It has been years since the divorce, moving on with my life, and creating a new path. Yet I still had a resentment that I couldn’t let go – the affair he had when I was pregnant. They were co-workers spending so much time together who started falling in love. I decided to stay in the marriage for my child. I know that was the wrong reason, but I didn’t know better back then. Things were never the same. I lost respect for him as a person; my love for him diminished over time. 

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After the divorce, my ex and the woman got back together. It was fine until she became involved in my children’s lives. That is when I would experience flashbacks of the past. I was fearful my children would become emotionally attached to her just like my ex.  After all, I am only human; I have feelings and memories. It doesn’t help that I have outstanding memory and I remember everything as if it was yesterday. I wish those specific memories could be wiped out. Believe me, I tried everything to let go. 

Recently, my ex just announced moving in with her, AND she is pregnant. I don’t think I have been this upset for a long time…

“Subconsciously this resentment was affecting my well-being.”

Twenty-four hours later, my state of mind has completely shifted. When I think about the unborn child, I want the baby to be healthy and be loved just like any child deserves to be loved. Emitting upsetting energy in this situation is not providing a healthy environment. This was a Mirroring. I know the pain, and I don’t want to be the person. My children are excited about the baby’s arrival. Why not being supportive?  I tried cord-cutting meditation, what I saw was the image of my ex, his girlfriend, and the baby all smiling. Tears were rolling down, and my heart felt warm. That is what I want, their happiness. I am glad that he found someone who had the same values and loves him unconditionally. Though I no longer love him, but I care about him.

It was an absolute choice. Choosing the path of acceptance this time without forcing myself. 

This was a long journey. Not only am I finally graduating from this assignment but also opening the unconditional love. Subconsciously this resentment was affecting my well-being. Ever since this release, I have been shifting drastically as if all BodyTalk sessions I received in a month have just shifted at the same time. Having more compassion for every single person I encounter and filled with love. Simply feeling the oneness. “We are one.” 

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I thank him for bearing with me for this long and taught me the biggest lesson – Unconditional Love – as well as other Soulmates who have supported and believed in me that I will get here one day. 

I am stepping into the New Chapter of my life feeling free. Walking my life journey with Soulmates. I love who I am becoming.

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Searching for My Life’s Mission by Rei

Searching for My Life’s Mission

By Rei

It’s been a long time ever since I started wondering what I was born to do. I am always drawn to people who follow their passions and know what they are meant to do. I get so excited for them as it was mine, and support them. I’ve been searching for my life’s mission for many many years. Every year, that was my New Year’s resolution, finding passion. It’s not like I was waiting for it to come; I went searching and trying. 

My first full-time job was in the Fashion industry in NYC. The job was fun and fulfilling. After years, I moved on and tried for different industries to realize that those weren’t for me; I went back to the fashion industry doing a similar job with a much better environment. Though I liked and appreciated it, I always felt that something was missing… Passion. Surrounding myself with friends who had passions for their jobs made me even feel that I was out of place. We moved to Los Angeles for my ex’s dream job. Of course, I was very supportive of that. 

I became a full-time mother, due to the circumstances, which led me to feel empty as I was losing my own identity. I struggle being a mother; I started to think that this must be my mission for my life.

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After the divorce, I became more into a spiritual path. That’s when my friend told me about hypnotherapy. I tried to see if this could remove some of my blockages. Well…, I couldn’t access my subconscious mind much. That’s when I started to practice meditation. 

As my spiritual interests explore, years later, I learned about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), which was created by Dolores Cannon. She was a famous hypnotherapist specialized in past life regression, the one who rewrote Nostadams’ prophesies by contacting him through QHHT, proving that there is a parallel world, as well as many humans’ past lives, are from different planets. 

We all decide our own lives’ scenarios, yet we forget about to clear the assignments (what known as Karmas) for soul growth.”

I had a QHHT session three months ago by the practitioner, who was trained by Dolores Cannon. I was able to access my subconscious at this time and talked to a higher self, which is myself. All words were coming from my mouth. Finally, I found my mission. This experience confirmed that we have answers within us. 

We all decide our own lives’ scenarios, yet we forget to clear the assignments (what known as Karmas) for soul growth. However, many of us stuck with the assignments instead of clearing them. Yes, I was one of them. I had quite obstacles in life. As per the QHHT practitioner, through her experiences, when the assignments are cleared by overcoming, we will be led to our mission if we have any. Assignments are something towards myself, such as coming from the ego. Missions are toward outward. 

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Finally, all the puzzles are put together. 

The mission is much simpler than I thought. Everything has the right timing. I was ready to grasp the meaning of it instead of just the words. 

“Everything has the right timing.”

We are here to enjoy our lives and love each other. I started to have so many synchronicities after a month, started hearing what I have said everywhere as if it is a confirmation. Six weeks after the session, I had experienced Soul Awakening. I no longer need to search for the answer; everything is within myself. 

“I no longer need to search for the answer; everything is within myself.” 

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Balancing My Body and Mind With Yoga by Rei

Balancing My Body and Mind With Yoga

By Rei

Balancing my body and mind is one of my priorities in life. One of my methods I use to balance myself is practicing yoga. Yoga is becoming a part of me. Every once in a while, I practiced yoga at home or take classes. 

I was at the stage of still experiencing a “negative spiral.” Thoughts take over my feelings. Ideas are coming from past experiences and interfere with the future. I was desperate to break the pattern. My goal was, “Living in the moment.” That’s when I met my mentor, Edward. He has this strong positive energy that reflects his inner confidence. When I first met Edward. I sensed his energy that he was living in the moment without knowing him. Well, I found out that he is a master of oneness; he is always spreading love to others. That is the ultimate goal. His advice was to take Yoga classes regularly with an instructor named Eden; this would help me to live in the moment.

I have seen not only a physical change but a mental evolution in myself.

I’ve taken different Yoga classes, but I find that Eden’s class fits me. Her classes are challenging, but at the same time, rewarding. I come out very refreshing after each class. After ten months of taking her classes a few times a week, I have seen not only a physical change but a mental evolution in myself.

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Yoga puts me in a meditative state – be in the moment, and share the space with others who have the same purpose – be there to practice yoga. It is not like I can do all those crazy poses, but I accept myself for being there and trying. Practicing yoga is not just an exercise. It connects to and shifts the inner self. There are days where my emotions take over, but I am grateful yoga has taught me how to get back to “living in the moment. I am in a much better place in life because of yoga.

“Practicing yoga is not just an exercise. It connects to and shifts the inner self.”

With this quarantine, my Yoga teacher Eden launched her Yoga site!!, I had no idea how much my body and mind missed her classes. She is not only a fantastic Yoga teacher but also a loving person. She makes everyone feel a part of her class. Though she is a Yoga teacher, everyone assumes that they are all Zen. She shares the vulnerable side of her. Her message always touches my heart. It makes me feel that nobody is perfect, and it is perfectly ok.  We are human. 

Meet Eden – She’s not your typical yogi.

I can’t wait to take her classes face to face again. Until then, I am connecting with her and all others who are in this matrix through this new virtual way 🙂 

I look forward to discovering the depth of yoga as I continue practicing. Nothing is a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. You go through experiences, meet certain people for reasons. I am thankful I was given and took this opportunity to surround myself with these wonderful people. 

This tip is for you 🙂

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Techniques to Purify the Energy in My Space by Rei

Techniques to Purify the Energy in My Space

By Rei

Throughout the years, I learned how to purify the energy in my space. I’ve tried different methods and settled with a few ways that work for me. These are the techniques that I’ve taken to purify the energy in my space. 

In Japan, there is a tradition of decluttering the space before the New Year, but it has become popular to practice decluttering more often. I practice at least three times a year though I don’t really buy stuff.  

Ms. KonMari became famous for her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” She teaches to keep items that spark joy. I agree to get rid of things that no longer serve you; everything has energy. 

One day, it proved to me that objects hold energy. I’ve had this shoulder pain for five years and has been improving by different holistic healings, yet it had not entirely recovered. The morning I was going to meet another Bodytalker. I found my marriage license as I was decluttering. I had kept it though I didn’t have any feelings towards it. Higher self told me to dispose of it, and I did.

When we exchanged the Bodytalk session, my shoulder came up that I picked up random emotion from my ex. My shoulder has come up numerous times with different formulas before; however, I never felt the significant change though I know it has shifted each time. As I was tapped out, I felt and saw energy. Ever since then, I finally started to release the pain. 

” It is essential to learn how to balance my energy.”

Besides decluttering I’ve used crystals, I use Solfeggio frequency, Incense, Crystal Bowl, Salt, Aroma Spray, Meditation, Smudging with Sage, or Palo Santo with Reiki. Smudging the Sage/Reiki is my favorite way.  

  • Smudging – Comes from the Native American Ceremony. It has benefits, clears the Aura, clears the moods, kills bacteria in the air, improving brain health and memory as well as removing the negative energy according to the study. (Note: If you have asthma or other lung problems, it might not be suitable) 
  • Salt – Placing a pinch of salt at the entrance and where the energy is heavier. As salt absorbs the negative energy, it is recommended to replace it every 2 weeks at least. 
  • Aroma Spray – There are many aroma oils to protect the space, I mix Aroma oils such as Eucalyptus and Lavender with water to spray the space. 
  • Crystal Bowl – Playing the Crystal Bowl in the room, the vibration cleanses the energy.
  • Meditation – This is a method explored by everyone in their own way, I meditate with Solfeggio frequency music and create the shield of energy fields. 

After trying many techniques, Smudging/Reiki works the best for me. Lighting up the sage and going around each room including the corners, entrance.  As well as smudge my energetic field. I also smudge crystals at the same time. 

Being an empath and working with people as a Reiki and Bodytalk practitioner, it is essential to learn how to balance my energy. It might sound superstitious, but I know it works for me.

Cleaning and balancing my energy gives me the support to keep my well being at the highest vibrations and continue with my spiritual transformation. 

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How to Rethink Your Life After Your Lover Betrays You by Marquesa Lola

How to Rethink Your Life After Your Lover Betrays You

By Marquesa Lola

How do you rethink your life after your lover betrays you as a newly single 60-year old? 

I am Marquesa Lola, with some thoughts about life from the perspective of a mature, vibrant woman. Yes, my 40-year-old relationship ended over two years ago, You know? Disloyalty and infidelity do ruin relationships. I tried to work things out with my partner, but it was obvious the unconditional trust I once felt in our marriage had vanished. Moreover, he was not too keen on doing much work to fix the relationship. In fact, he realized at one point that he did not love me anymore. He reconnected with his “friend” while I was still trying to heal from the betrayal. I did not realize at the time, but the fact that she took him back would end up being one of the best things that had happened to me in a long time. So this time, he left with her taking our dog with them. However, I realized how much peace I suddenly felt in my life. I sensed I was finally moving on. Moreover, I suddenly was the only person controlling my own life, feeling a sense of empowerment. 

I suddenly was the only person controlling my own life, feeling a sense of empowerment.” 

Now, I am less lonely than I was when I was living with him. When I wake up in the morning now, I smile, thinking I have a new chance in life. No one is around to criticize every move I make. I am now the master of my own destiny, and I have many good friends and excellent family support who fulfill my life.

But in terms of a new relationship with a new man… I’m still cautious. The real issue for me is to find ways to rethink my life and move to reorganize it in a way that it becomes a great life worth living. The happiness that I deserve. 

“I smile, thinking I have a new chance in life.”

Here are SOME TIPS I have learned that are helping me to start all over again and achieving the respect that I deserve: 

1- Learn to first respect yourself. Stand tall and confident, show your worth by developing a strong sense of self-respect that will help you fulfill your potential. You will make everyone around you see you as a person who is worthy of respect. 

2-  Acknowledge the fact that the only person who can make your life great again is you. At times, you may want to go home, stop thinking, and watch TV. This tends to isolate you and doesn’t help you move on. This means you must force yourself to get up, have a shower, get dressed, leave the house, and meet with friends. 

3- Take care of your body and your soul.  Exercise and meditation are great tools that really help you connect with the inner you. If, at times, you get lazy, make plans with a friend so you can be accountable and feel obliged to go. Healthy eating is essential at our age. Balanced meals help you keep alert and active.

4- Stop being a nice girl and set boundaries for yourself. I believe my generation was raised to think we needed to be the peacemakers at home and never make a big fuss about problems in the family. Our voices become small as voicing our opinion or disagreeing with our family is not expected. NO MORE! You don’t need to be a nice girl anymore. Learn how to say “no” or “that is not what I need right now!” Set firm boundaries for yourself. Whether it is a family member, a friend, or a coworker, you need to stop letting people walk all over you. YOU can learn to say no and let others understand that “NO, means NO! Establishing firm boundaries for yourself is a priority if you want to begin a new, more independent life.

5- Your needs are your priority. As a mother and a teacher, I relegated my own needs in favor of those of my family and my students. This is another mistake we should not make in our lives. It is your responsibility to find your voice and to have your needs met. You must make others know what your needs are, and stop assuming people know them. 

6- Get out there and get to know your surroundings if you are in a new locale. If there is a coffee shop in your area, become a regular for a while. As you get to know the servers, they will get to know you. This will encourage you to get out and meet new people in the process

“I feel I am lucky to have another chance to rebuild my life the way I chose.”

The journey is long and arduous, but not impossible. It takes determination and the support of great people around you. If you, like me, find yourself single unexpectedly, you are lucky, you have another chance to rebuild your life the way you chose. It could be the best thing that has happened to you, yet! Go for it! ¡Si se puede!!!

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How the Law of Attraction Works by Rei

How the Law of Attraction Works

By Rei

As there is a saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” That’s how exactly the Law of Attraction works. You only attract the same vibration as everything is energy.  

You only attract the same vibration as everything is energy.”  

When people are so lost, what do they tend to do? Ask for advice. When I almost made up my mind 95% about the divorce, I just need the final push. The divorce was the hardest decision that I have ever made. However, It was not about myself alone; it involved my two children. I had to be sure. We didn’t want to tell anyone to oppose it; also, this was the matter of my ex and I. So, I looked up and called for psychic/tarot cards. She was just right on (at least that’s what I wanted to believe), and she gave me the answer that I was looking for, “Children will be fine.” That’s all I needed to hear. It sounds crazy, but it worked out. 

I have faith in myself. I am the creator of my life

After the divorce, with my crazy busy schedule, every day after kids went to bed, I made time for myself to learn about the spiritual path. Also, exploring how this Universe works out, it gave me a different perspective and comfort. In particular, one of the methods that I used was the Law of Attractions. There are plenty of ways to manifest. I tried many of them, Two cups methods, Manifesting Candle, New/Full Moon rituals, Crystal Intention, Visualization, Wish lists, etc. However, I didn’t stick with any of them, but I could say that I manifested many wishes. 

I barely seek advice from friends or family as I usually have answers. Being a single mother, there were times that I faced uncertainty. Those times, I wasn’t able to connect to myself due to many blockages. The Law of attraction was not working. I sought comfort through psychics/tarot cards services once a year. It supposed to access my higher self. For me, it ended up building more blockages after all. I depended on instead of living in the moment, slowed down the manifestation. 

Eventually, what I learned from my experiences, is that I create my reality. I can manifest by visualizing as it is already manifested and keep the higher vibrations. Most importantly, being open by letting go of the conditions/egos and taking actions. Leave everything to the Universe, no attachment.  

” What I learned is that I create my reality.”

Matt Kahn explains the best for me, Law of attraction is co-creation of the Universe and myself. “It isn’t a spiritual form of Amazon Prime. You are attracted to great circumstances, not because those circumstances will make you any happier, but because your true happiness is evolving into a higher version of yourself where those new shiny objects are merely symbols for the joy and fulfillment you will feel as a newly-transformed you.”

Too bad, I have the Prime membership, Lol. 

I stopped seeking for answers elsewhere, even facing the difficulties. These are happening for me to overcome. Ever since listening to inner-self, I connect myself more. I have faith in myself. I am the creator of my life, and everything will manifest in the perfect timing. 

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What All My Birthdays Have Taught Me by Rei

What All My Birthdays Have Taught Me

By Rei

I just had my birthday.

My two children kept reminding me about my birthday and how old I will be at least six months prior as if I were looking forward to it. Sadly, it gets to my subconscious, and I answer my coming age as my current age. However, to my children, birthdays are the most important day of the year. They are already planning their next birthday the day after their birthday. I see my birthday different from years ago. After all these years, my birthdays have taught me that it is more like a time for self-confirmation if I have wisdom, live purposefully, and have self-love. Along with this, I have been working to gain self-love in terms of being kind to myself.


“My birthday is more like a time for self-confirmation, live purposefully, and have self-love.”  

When I first moved to LA from NY, I was shocked by the culture here that is under the pressure of being “beautiful.” The amount of advertisement for plastic surgery was just beyond. Because of Hollywood, I believe that many people are under pressure. Besides, the definition of beauty is based on what the media created. I have seen how the media portrays beautiful people, even if they are NOT 100% natural. 

Even when you go get a facial, they offer you Botox as if I need it! How rude! Lol. In general, that’s how numb our society has become. I worked for the apparel industry for a long time, attended New York fashion week, seen top models, and have been surrounded by self-conscious people. I never understood why we have to alter ourselves to achieve this beauty. We are no less when we don’t meet the image. 

Sometimes, I give attention to certain parts of my body. I’ve learned from a friend, we decide our appearances, as well as our lives before we were born to experience all. I am more interested in balancing my inner self and having healthier habits such as healthier food choices, using natural products, regular exercise, the right amount of sleep, and healthy hobbies. Equally, I believe that I have to take care of my body that holds my energy, which gives me experiences in life.

“I am more interested in balancing my inner self and having healthier habits.”

It is about feeling free, accepting, and embracing instead of focusing on what is missing. Importantly, as I am with this body longer each year, it is ultimately mastering self-love.

It is about feeling free, accepting, and embracing. It is mastering self-love

Breathing fresh air at the beach was the perfect way to reconnect with the Earth

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Water Is Not Just Water by Rei

Water Is Not Just Water

By Rei

Water is my first option to drink throughout the day, besides 2 cups of coffee and a glass of Pinot Noir occasionally. I acknowledge caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the body.

Years ago, I learned the benefits of water. It gives me much more gratitude, and I drink water more often. But water is not just water. Water doesn’t only hydrate the body; it also absorbs human consciousness and changes its molecules. Therefore, water can be used for manifestation. 

I educate my children about food and drinks instead of just saying “no.” They will know the consequences of what they put in their bodies. Thankfully, they choose to drink water on their own. 

“Water is not just water. Water can be used for manifestation. “

Studies show up to 60% of the human adult body is water—about 75% for children, and about 50% for the elderly. 

Water hydrates our bodies. So, not retaining enough water affects our bodies at different levels. In addition, water helps to detox, deliver oxygen, nutrients, nerve transmission, energy, etc. through the body. Therefore it means that dehydration can affect joints, muscle pains, hyperactivity, emotions, immune system, rejuvenation of skin, etc. 

“Water helps to detox, deliver oxygen, nutrients, nerve transmission, energy, etc. through the body.

Even if we have enough water throughout the day, the cells or specific parts could be dehydrated. As an example, BodyTalk balances hydration if it comes out as a priority during the session. 

There is a fascinating study of water conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a scientist. His study of water has proof that human consciousness impacts the physical realm. By producing different focused intentions through written/spoken words as well as music and presenting it to the same water samples, the water appears to “change its expression.” 

Having gratitude and love towards water changes its molecule. By drinking, it will change its molecular structure to suit the person. You can find his study at ( Sharing this study to my children, they whisper to their water, “I love you.” So cute!

Having gratitude and love towards water changes its molecule

As Dr. Emoto’s study proves, water takes on our intentions. For instance, Quantum Jumping Two Cups is one of the techniques to use for manifestation. I did this one year ago. Besides, I have tried different kinds of experiments to move forward in my life.

The technique is based on Parallel Universes. Meaning there are other versions of ourselves in a multiverse. This method is used to live the manifested version of yourself. 

You’ll need:

  • Two empty glasses. 
  • Two pieces of paper. On one, write your current situation you wish to change. On the other, what you want the situation to manifest into.
  • Stick each paper on different empty glasses.
  • Pour water in the glass that has the current situation. 
  • Take a moment to experience your current circumstances. 
  • Pour the water in the empty glass with what you want to manifest.
  • Visualize and feel when you manifest.
  • Drink the water with a great feeling engulfing your body.
  • Forget about it! 

I don’t remember what my intention was as it says, “Forget about it” Hahaha, But I am sure it came true! 

Additionally, another experiment I did was, “Know Your Guardian Angel is Here for You.” When you do this experiment and the taste of the tea changes, you know your Guardian Angel is looking out for you. 

What you need to do:

  • Make a tea, then drink up to ⅔ cup. 
  • Then offer the rest to your Guardian Angel with gratitude.
  • Wait for 10 seconds.
  • Drink the rest.

The taste of the tea suddenly changes after you offer it to your guardian angel. Importantly, it is recommended that you do this when you are in a good mood/high vibration. Well, it worked for me. Therefore, it is proven to me that water is affected by your frequency. 

Water is not just water. Its frequency proves that human consciousness affects the earth. It is all about vibration.

Focus on good things, and keep your vibrations high! 

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