Searching for My Life’s Mission by Rei

Searching for My Life’s Mission

By Rei

It’s been a long time ever since I started wondering what I was born to do. I am always drawn to people who follow their passions and know what they are meant to do. I get so excited for them as it was mine, and support them. I’ve been searching for my life’s mission for many many years. Every year, that was my New Year’s resolution, finding passion. It’s not like I was waiting for it to come; I went searching and trying. 

My first full-time job was in the Fashion industry in NYC. The job was fun and fulfilling. After years, I moved on and tried for different industries to realize that those weren’t for me; I went back to the fashion industry doing a similar job with a much better environment. Though I liked and appreciated it, I always felt that something was missing… Passion. Surrounding myself with friends who had passions for their jobs made me even feel that I was out of place. We moved to Los Angeles for my ex’s dream job. Of course, I was very supportive of that. 

I became a full-time mother, due to the circumstances, which led me to feel empty as I was losing my own identity. I struggle being a mother; I started to think that this must be my mission for my life.

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After the divorce, I became more into a spiritual path. That’s when my friend told me about hypnotherapy. I tried to see if this could remove some of my blockages. Well…, I couldn’t access my subconscious mind much. That’s when I started to practice meditation. 

As my spiritual interests explore, years later, I learned about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), which was created by Dolores Cannon. She was a famous hypnotherapist specialized in past life regression, the one who rewrote Nostadams’ prophesies by contacting him through QHHT, proving that there is a parallel world, as well as many humans’ past lives, are from different planets. 

We all decide our own lives’ scenarios, yet we forget about to clear the assignments (what known as Karmas) for soul growth.”

I had a QHHT session three months ago by the practitioner, who was trained by Dolores Cannon. I was able to access my subconscious at this time and talked to a higher self, which is myself. All words were coming from my mouth. Finally, I found my mission. This experience confirmed that we have answers within us. 

We all decide our own lives’ scenarios, yet we forget to clear the assignments (what known as Karmas) for soul growth. However, many of us stuck with the assignments instead of clearing them. Yes, I was one of them. I had quite obstacles in life. As per the QHHT practitioner, through her experiences, when the assignments are cleared by overcoming, we will be led to our mission if we have any. Assignments are something towards myself, such as coming from the ego. Missions are toward outward. 

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Finally, all the puzzles are put together. 

The mission is much simpler than I thought. Everything has the right timing. I was ready to grasp the meaning of it instead of just the words. 

“Everything has the right timing.”

We are here to enjoy our lives and love each other. I started to have so many synchronicities after a month, started hearing what I have said everywhere as if it is a confirmation. Six weeks after the session, I had experienced Soul Awakening. I no longer need to search for the answer; everything is within myself. 

“I no longer need to search for the answer; everything is within myself.” 

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The Healing Power of a Bracelet By Marquesa Lola

The Healing Power of a Bracelet

By Marquesa Lola

Hello, this is Marquesa Lola. You don’t know yet, but I love bracelets, big or small. Especially those, which hold some type of deep meaning to me or represent a priceless memento. I wear them on both my arms, a few inches thick, looking a bit cluttered on my wrists. But, hey! I like them that way. And there, among all the bracelets, buried, conspicuous, unspoken for, there is a very small and special bracelet. Oh the healing power of this bracelet!

It is a bracelet I bought by pure chance at a local coffee place. It is not the best looking of my bracelets and hardly anyone ever noticed it on my wrist. However, It sits there heavy and at times it weighs a ton or two, making my heart feel heavy. My bracelet is always present in my mind. Every morning I rub it as if it were Aladdin’s Lamp  wishing  for freedom, my emotional freedom.

“Every morning I rub it as if it were Aladdin’s Lamp  wishing  for freedom, my emotional freedom.”

If I had to describe my special healing bracelet, I would say its leather straps hold what looks like a silver time capsule that holds a rolled parchment inside. I would have never noticed the fact that the parchment was inside the silvery cylinder, as I am not very observant, but this time I did. When I unscrewed it and opened it, the parchment popped out. I unrolled the parchment, and immediately I understood it was going to have an important role in my life. The paper had been designed for the purpose of healing me and that was the reason why it was there. 

Its purpose was to remind me of something critical. I was at a very low point in my life. So it seemed logical to me, I would use that parchment to write an SOS message to the inner me. This is what I wrote, “This bracelet will witness my recovery and it will only be opened at that moment, and the parchment will be burned in a special witchcraft type of ceremony, sprinkled with Champagne .” This will only happen the day I heal from the emotional abuse received throughout my life by the one person I trusted my life with,  the father of my child, my life partner. 

“It had been designed for the purpose of healing me.”

The day I will heal from the emotional abuse that led to self-doubt, self-judgment, and emotional deflation is not that far. I am beginning to feel moments of clarity which I had not had for the last two years. Some of the clarity, I won’t lie, I attribute to therapy, yoga, meditation, and walk with friends. But mostly to the fact that I am beginning to detach from the codependency that I suffered for decades towards this very toxic person. 

The note I wrote inside, has been on my wrist, locked for two years, hanging from my arms, amongst hundreds of other pretty bracelets. But, this inexpensive, subtle, plain bracelet is the only one that is a testimony of a promise I made to myself. I vowed to never remove it from my wrist until the day I will be totally healed. The bracelet remains on my wrist still today. One day, I promise, it will no longer be there.

I keep telling myself, “it is a matter of time.”

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