Adjusting to a New Era by Rei

Adjusting to a New Era

By Rei

It has been a challenging six months for everyone. Ever since the pandemic, life hasn’t been the same. And it will never be the same. We are moving to a new era. I never thought that I would experience anything like this though I am sure that I signed up for this. 

Now new academic year just started. My children are entirely distance learning. My little one started Kindergarten. I sincerely appreciate their teachers, school, and district in making this transition. It must have been challenging for them as well, and I feel their love for the students. Parents are asked to attend classes with children to support. My daughter hasn’t even met her most classmates physically. As a mother, I felt sad for all these changes for my children not being able to go to places and meet friends at first. Then I realized that they are fine, adjusting to this new era. I am the one having the most challenging time with this change, not my children. I want my freedom!

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It has been an emotional rollercoaster by locking down and researching the whole Covid-19. In Japan, children go to school with masks, and all places are opened. The number of people who were infected, recovered, and death is reported clearly. It raised questions for me about all these negative media, the uncertain number of recovery, etc. In times like this, we need to create fun and positive messages instead. Also, inform more about how to strengthen the immune system. I try to eat balanced healthy food, drink plenty of water, some exercise, and go out in nature—breathe in the fresh air. I stopped watching news years ago as visual images stay in your memories subconsciously. It creates fear. Fear weakens the immune system. 

Finally, I was able to reach the point that instead of consumed by negativity, be positive. Just accept the changes and follow my intuition. I switched to be a positive support to my children from being sympathetic. 

As I was exhausted with a busy schedule before the pandemic, I now have more time. Taking this opportunity to expand my knowledge and experiences to reach what I can and want to do. It is up to each of us to take this change positively and shift. 

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