The Power of Crystals aka Power Stones by Rei

The Power of Crystals, aka Power Stones

By Rei

Crystals, aka power stones, hold a special place for me. I love them and have them around me all the time. 

My spiritual journey all began from there. I used to not believe in crystal healings. Thinking that some wealthy people didn’t know what to do with their money. I was desperate for my marriage. By this time, we already tried both, couples’ and individual counseling and personal development classes. One day, crystal ad popped up while I was browsing the web. So I thought, if the stones can make the situation better, I will give a try.

I signed up for a class you could call “Crystal Stones 101” at House of Intuition, in Silverlake, CA. Well, it was very unlike for me to sign up for something before I got more information. It was a crystal bowl meditation class. Meditation was not in my life at that time. I am thankful that I did not read carefully the description of the class. I wouldn’t sign up if I had read through the class description. However, having already paid for the class, I decided to take it.

“I experienced intense energies like energy detox.”

I followed the instructions, closed my eyes, and relaxed. As the class goes by, I started to see wheels of colors before the instructor mentioned each color I opened my eyes to look for the tricks that they have in the room and nothing! I continued to experience the colors until the end of class. After, I realized that I felt refreshed. I learned what I saw in the class were Chakras. When you just experienced something out of the blue, you know it is real. Soon after, I signed up for the Reiki circle. Though I am Japanese, I didn’t exactly know what Reiki was. Here again, I experienced intense energies like energy detox. I was drawn to this, and it led me to become a Reiki Practitioner. 

Each Power Stone has Different Energy and Meaning”

Each power stone has different energy and meaning. The stones absorb negative energy from the outer force and protect, or balance you. It also can set an intention. Power stones don’t need to be an expensive piece; they are affordable, and you need to find the one that matches best with you.

Since crystals absorb energies, they need to be cleansed. Each stone has a different way to cleanse, such as Moonlight, Sunlight, Sea Salt Water, Sage, Reiki, etc. I use stones for Reiki sessions. I find that they help to balance the energies. 

“The stones absorb negative energy from the outer force and protect, or balance you.”

Some crystals don’t work well together. Once, through a remote session of Bodytalk, the stones in the client’s room needed to be balanced. Of course, I didn’t know anything about her stones in her bedroom. It was affecting her energy. Some of my friends connect with each stone on a much deeper level. 

In the end, stones didn’t save my marriage, but it led me to where I am. A spiritual path is giving me a deeper meaning of life. Everything happens for a reason. 

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