The Power of Crystals aka Power Stones by Rei

The Power of Crystals, aka Power Stones

By Rei

Crystals, aka power stones, hold a special place for me. I love them and have them around me all the time. 

My spiritual journey all began from there. I used to not believe in crystal healings. Thinking that some wealthy people didn’t know what to do with their money. I was desperate for my marriage. By this time, we already tried both, couples’ and individual counseling and personal development classes. One day, crystal ad popped up while I was browsing the web. So I thought, if the stones can make the situation better, I will give a try.

I signed up for a class you could call “Crystal Stones 101” at House of Intuition, in Silverlake, CA. Well, it was very unlike for me to sign up for something before I got more information. It was a crystal bowl meditation class. Meditation was not in my life at that time. I am thankful that I did not read carefully the description of the class. I wouldn’t sign up if I had read through the class description. However, having already paid for the class, I decided to take it.

“I experienced intense energies like energy detox.”

I followed the instructions, closed my eyes, and relaxed. As the class goes by, I started to see wheels of colors before the instructor mentioned each color I opened my eyes to look for the tricks that they have in the room and nothing! I continued to experience the colors until the end of class. After, I realized that I felt refreshed. I learned what I saw in the class were Chakras. When you just experienced something out of the blue, you know it is real. Soon after, I signed up for the Reiki circle. Though I am Japanese, I didn’t exactly know what Reiki was. Here again, I experienced intense energies like energy detox. I was drawn to this, and it led me to become a Reiki Practitioner. 

Each Power Stone has Different Energy and Meaning”

Each power stone has different energy and meaning. The stones absorb negative energy from the outer force and protect, or balance you. It also can set an intention. Power stones don’t need to be an expensive piece; they are affordable, and you need to find the one that matches best with you.

Since crystals absorb energies, they need to be cleansed. Each stone has a different way to cleanse, such as Moonlight, Sunlight, Sea Salt Water, Sage, Reiki, etc. I use stones for Reiki sessions. I find that they help to balance the energies. 

“The stones absorb negative energy from the outer force and protect, or balance you.”

Some crystals don’t work well together. Once, through a remote session of Bodytalk, the stones in the client’s room needed to be balanced. Of course, I didn’t know anything about her stones in her bedroom. It was affecting her energy. Some of my friends connect with each stone on a much deeper level. 

In the end, stones didn’t save my marriage, but it led me to where I am. A spiritual path is giving me a deeper meaning of life. Everything happens for a reason. 

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How Bodytalk Balances My Well Being by Rei

How Bodytalk Balances My Well Being

By Rei

Being a mom, balancing myself is very important for me. One way I balance my well being is Bodytalk. The reason why I decided to be a practitioner is because their teaching is basically what I had interests and learned myself for all these years. For years I look for my passion, what I meant to do. Being in a matrix of Bodytalk, able to learn about body and mind, give sessions to clients definitely helps me for who I became as well. I know this is something I have a passion for as my vibration gets high.

I used to be a client of Bodytalk. How did I get to know the Bodytalk? Years ago, I had this unknown stomach ache that appeared just about an hour before getting up every morning. Though it is hard to believe that it was related to what I ate the night before, I was eliminating what could be. I tried anything to relax. Yet, nothing took the pain away.

One day, I happened to bump into one of my mom’s friends at the park. For some reason I felt I should bring up the stomachache I would get every morning. She asked if I had ever heard of something called Bodytalk, a technique which involves communicating with your body to resolve what needs to be balanced. She told me due to stress, half her body paralyzed, and Bodytalk helped her recover dramatically. Without any doubts, I drove 1.5 hour to get a Bodytalk session.

“Bodytalk involves communicating with your body to resolve what needs to be balanced.”

During the session, the practitioner told me that my stress level was maximized. I get this comment often anywhere I go… Stress is one of the things that’s hard to measure. Who doesn’t have stress?? Apparently, stress was creating the pain which was ready to be released. Most of the pain went away with one BodyTalk session.  With many sessions, it helped me not only physically but mentally. Experiencing the benefits Bodytalk had with my body and mind I decided to become a BodyTalk practitioner,  to not only help myself but others as well.

“There are numerous benefits to BodyTalk. It helps in many ways. Among other beneficiaries, it helps to get a general state of relaxation, mental clarity, and harmony, reduce stress, accelerate the recuperation from injury, improve sleep, release and liberate blocked emotions, decreased pain levels, reduce allergic reactions, and strengthen the immune system. The main goal is to find a balance between the body, mind, and spirit.”


“The main goal is to find a balance between the body, mind, and spirit.”

With my personal experiences, in order to heal the specific issue of the body, you have to heal the layers of the core issue first. Though it might be an event you went through that no longer serves you, the body remembers. Things you don’t even care about, the body cares…other peoples emotions can also affect you.  Bodytalk brings those matters up when the body is ready to release them. Everything has the right timing. For the last 5 years I have suffered from shoulder pain.  My mind has been eager to let go of the pain, but my body has been fighting me. Recently, the healing process has finally begun!!

Bodytalk is non- invasive and can be done to your pets and kids too. I give my children BodyTalk sessions all the time to improve their overall health.  Bodytalk sessions could be in person or done remotely.

“Bodytalk is non- invasive and can be done to your pets and kids too.”

 If you are interested please contact for your personal Bodytalk session. For more information check out

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