Walking My Life Journey with Soulmates by Rei

Walking My Life Journey with Soulmates

By Rei

Soulmate, Soul Family, Soul Group, Kindred Spirit, Twin Flame, etc., there are many types to be called. I am just going to use Soulmate here. After all, it doesn’t matter what they are called. A soulmate doesn’t need to be a romantic partner; it can be a friend, family member, co-worker, or someone you just met. It can be anyone. And we will encounter many of them. Soulmates appear in our lives to teach us a lesson for soul growth or to support each other to achieve a life mission. Some might stay, and some might come and go.

I can say that my inner circle is my soulmates. We support each other to achieve our goals. Some teach me lessons and guidance. They live all over the world, thanks to technology! 

Knowing how the Universe works, I am better at dealing with situations. When an unpleasant situation occurs. I try to figure out what this situation/person is trying to teach me – A Mirroring effect – reflection of your inner self. 

It was an absolute choice. Choosing the path of acceptance this time without forcing myself. 

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I must say that my ex-husband is one of my soulmates. He has given me hundreds of lessons. We came from 180 degrees of different circumstances, cultures, personalities, and values. We are way too different. When we are together, we can be fine without faking. Or it can be the worst. The reason why our marriage ended was our differences in values and personalities. Instead of accepting the differences, it became resentment to both of us. We also grew apart. 

It has been years since the divorce, moving on with my life, and creating a new path. Yet I still had a resentment that I couldn’t let go – the affair he had when I was pregnant. They were co-workers spending so much time together who started falling in love. I decided to stay in the marriage for my child. I know that was the wrong reason, but I didn’t know better back then. Things were never the same. I lost respect for him as a person; my love for him diminished over time. 

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After the divorce, my ex and the woman got back together. It was fine until she became involved in my children’s lives. That is when I would experience flashbacks of the past. I was fearful my children would become emotionally attached to her just like my ex.  After all, I am only human; I have feelings and memories. It doesn’t help that I have outstanding memory and I remember everything as if it was yesterday. I wish those specific memories could be wiped out. Believe me, I tried everything to let go. 

Recently, my ex just announced moving in with her, AND she is pregnant. I don’t think I have been this upset for a long time…

“Subconsciously this resentment was affecting my well-being.”

Twenty-four hours later, my state of mind has completely shifted. When I think about the unborn child, I want the baby to be healthy and be loved just like any child deserves to be loved. Emitting upsetting energy in this situation is not providing a healthy environment. This was a Mirroring. I know the pain, and I don’t want to be the person. My children are excited about the baby’s arrival. Why not being supportive?  I tried cord-cutting meditation, what I saw was the image of my ex, his girlfriend, and the baby all smiling. Tears were rolling down, and my heart felt warm. That is what I want, their happiness. I am glad that he found someone who had the same values and loves him unconditionally. Though I no longer love him, but I care about him.

It was an absolute choice. Choosing the path of acceptance this time without forcing myself. 

This was a long journey. Not only am I finally graduating from this assignment but also opening the unconditional love. Subconsciously this resentment was affecting my well-being. Ever since this release, I have been shifting drastically as if all BodyTalk sessions I received in a month have just shifted at the same time. Having more compassion for every single person I encounter and filled with love. Simply feeling the oneness. “We are one.” 

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I thank him for bearing with me for this long and taught me the biggest lesson – Unconditional Love – as well as other Soulmates who have supported and believed in me that I will get here one day. 

I am stepping into the New Chapter of my life feeling free. Walking my life journey with Soulmates. I love who I am becoming.

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