My Baby Pug Turns Three Months by Abbie Vanessa

My Baby Pug Turns Three Months

By Abbie Vanessa

My baby pug is now three months. Winston is such a good boy! I started to take him on walks and train him to go potty outside. Grass was introduced to him about two weeks ago. He LOVES tiny leaves. It makes me giggle every time he finds one and he does little zooms (runs supper quickly out of nowhere). It’s enjoyable seeing him explore everything. I tend to forget that he was literally born not too long ago and everything is crazy amazing to him.

“It’s enjoyable seeing him explore everything.”

Treat Your Dog

I have a friend that will be training him and she talked to me about doing a whole month training. It would be like a mini boarding school and honestly it did not sound great! I don’t know how I feel about letting Winston go away for a month this young. Let alone how I would feel if he dipped out and was not being able to see home. Shit it would traumatize me and him!

Look I don’t need my dog to be a robot. I just want us to be able to communicate so we can live our best lives. Was there anything we could do before going to that extreme? I suggested that I want to be there with her as she trains him as an option as well.

I’ve been able to teach him so many tricks. He really knows how to listen. Compared to other dogs he is a tiny dude; he’s still intimidated by other dogs because of their size.

Before the quarantine I was taking him to puppy play at petco every week. He doesn’t seem to care too much for it. He’s around humans all day and it makes me wonder if he thinks he is a human himself.

He started to be a bit more vocal with myself and others. This is very cute but also a bit terrible when it comes to timing. 

This boy gets so much attention from so many people!

This boy gets so much attention from so many people! We went on a walk the other day and probably every 5 minutes you could hear someone say “OMG! He is so cute and tiny!!!! I’ve never seen a pug puppy” I have to whisper in his ear “you a little ugly” just so it doesn’t get to his head. I don’t want a dog that walks around like he is the Brad Pitt of pugs. LOL

Alsoooooo! Guys! I’m so done with buying this kid toys. I got him so many so he wouldn’t be bored and tell me why he enjoys just playing with every outfit I wear, a plastic cup, lint on the floor, even his pee pee pad. BUT how does one not buy everything for the cutest puppy ever! I literally want to shower him with toys, food, and love!!!!!

Anyways, today I’ve taken him outside like 4 times and he still hasn’t gone potty. I bet he is waiting until I don’t see him to just do his business indoors and I’ll find it as a surprise. Honestly, I think about what he thinks when I pick up his poop. Like maybe he thinks I keep it all and thats why he does it indoors so I can find it easily LOL

Training him and teaching him new tricks is really easy. I swear he is the smartest puppy I’ve ever met. I nod at him and he does it back as if we both said “whatsup.”

I’ve taught hims how to howl!! I was doing it to him for a cool minute and I’m assuming he got so annoyed he mocked me. Regardless it made me so happy. Im a proud momma.

A++ for Winston. 

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Manifesting My Pug Dreams by Abbie Vanessa

Manifesting My Pug Dreams

By Abbie Vanessa

MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE! I have always loved the idea of owning a pug. It was my mission to manifest my pug dreams.

I loved this beautiful creature long before meeting him. Winston Pasqual Frijolito is the name of my baby boy. Let me tell you he is far from boring! If he was a human he would be the guy you would love to be around. So confidently dorky that it made him so likable.

I waited a few years before actually getting him. Mostly because I wanted to make sure I would be able to give him the best life. I am talking about the spoiled life. About a year ago I told myself that it was time. I was finally in a position at work where my hours were flexible enough to own my dream pug, and to be able to have him with me 24/7. Living at home brought a big challenge my way. What is that challenge?? Well, I call her “Mom.” 

My mom is a very neat and organized person. Having an inside dog would interfere with her spotless house. Frustration would take over my mother whenever the conversation of me randomly showing up with a pug would come up. I thought to myself.. how will I get this woman to love pugs as much as I do? I decided to go to Michael’s Arts and Craft store to buy paint and the biggest canvases I could find. My diabolical plan was in full effect: paint pugs in different situations and outfits with the hope she would fall in love with them. Along with bombarding her phone with cute pug photos. I would randomly text her photos of pugs while she was at work just to keep them relevant.

Let me tell you guys… My plan worked!! I knew harassing her with pug photos and paintings would eventually break the woman!! All the cuteness could not be ignored! I played it off like I wasn’t the happiest person on earth. Told her I’ll look into a few pups. We had a talk about how he would be an inside dog. Once I moved away she wouldn’t have to worry about it.

“I was going to manifest my dream of having a pug no matter what.”

I was looking up different rescues for months; it was exhausting! My goal was to adopt a pug that was at least a year old. It was such a hard search because there were so many requirements to even apply to adopt. Then one day, a friend sent me a post of this female pug that needed a new home; she was a year and a half. I thought OMG, I need to jump on this quickly.

I checked off all of the requirements asked for. The adoption lady kept postponing meeting up. It was frustrating. I waited for two weeks and I never got a call saying if I was getting her or not. The day after new years I said “Fuck it I’m going to look online one more time.” I was going to manifest my dream of having a pug no matter what. I came across a man who had one pug puppy left from the litter. I was hesitant at first because puppies are a lot of work. Especially, since I had envisioned myself adopting an older dog. Was I prepared to be the mom of a baby pug? As soon as I saw the photo of him the answer was “Hell YES!” 

The day I picked up my little one was the best day of my life! I can’t imagine my life without him anymore. He was born on November 10th, which is now a date I will definitely never forget. A day that will forever be engraved in my heart. I wake up every morning to his handsome face. Everything I’ve ever wanted is right in front of me. He is a little sassy with a lot of personality. I am proud to say that is all me right there.

Everything I’ve ever wanted is right in front of me.

The toughest part about this experience was getting the confidence and believing that I would be a great dog parent. Regardless of what others say about getting an animal. It’s funny how people inflict fear and doubt when I brought up the idea of me one day owning my pug. Here’s the thing, I understand that there’s a different level of responsibility about owning another living creature, but I did not listen to anybody except myself.

My entire life has been filled with unpredictable, hard, shitty situations I still figured them out and bounced back. I figured, I rather live this life with the one thing I know will make me the happiest and no one can stop me. I control manifesting my happiness. Winston Pasquale Frijolito is the best gift this world has ever provided for me (also my family and friends, but this is not about them right now).

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