Techniques to Purify the Energy in My Space

By Rei

Throughout the years, I learned how to purify the energy in my space. I’ve tried different methods and settled with a few ways that work for me. These are the techniques that I’ve taken to purify the energy in my space. 

In Japan, there is a tradition of decluttering the space before the New Year, but it has become popular to practice decluttering more often. I practice at least three times a year though I don’t really buy stuff.  

Ms. KonMari became famous for her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” She teaches to keep items that spark joy. I agree to get rid of things that no longer serve you; everything has energy. 

One day, it proved to me that objects hold energy. I’ve had this shoulder pain for five years and has been improving by different holistic healings, yet it had not entirely recovered. The morning I was going to meet another Bodytalker. I found my marriage license as I was decluttering. I had kept it though I didn’t have any feelings towards it. Higher self told me to dispose of it, and I did.

When we exchanged the Bodytalk session, my shoulder came up that I picked up random emotion from my ex. My shoulder has come up numerous times with different formulas before; however, I never felt the significant change though I know it has shifted each time. As I was tapped out, I felt and saw energy. Ever since then, I finally started to release the pain. 

” It is essential to learn how to balance my energy.”

Besides decluttering I’ve used crystals, I use Solfeggio frequency, Incense, Crystal Bowl, Salt, Aroma Spray, Meditation, Smudging with Sage, or Palo Santo with Reiki. Smudging the Sage/Reiki is my favorite way.  

  • Smudging – Comes from the Native American Ceremony. It has benefits, clears the Aura, clears the moods, kills bacteria in the air, improving brain health and memory as well as removing the negative energy according to the study. (Note: If you have asthma or other lung problems, it might not be suitable) 
  • Salt – Placing a pinch of salt at the entrance and where the energy is heavier. As salt absorbs the negative energy, it is recommended to replace it every 2 weeks at least. 
  • Aroma Spray – There are many aroma oils to protect the space, I mix Aroma oils such as Eucalyptus and Lavender with water to spray the space. 
  • Crystal Bowl – Playing the Crystal Bowl in the room, the vibration cleanses the energy.
  • Meditation – This is a method explored by everyone in their own way, I meditate with Solfeggio frequency music and create the shield of energy fields. 

After trying many techniques, Smudging/Reiki works the best for me. Lighting up the sage and going around each room including the corners, entrance.  As well as smudge my energetic field. I also smudge crystals at the same time. 

Being an empath and working with people as a Reiki and Bodytalk practitioner, it is essential to learn how to balance my energy. It might sound superstitious, but I know it works for me.

Cleaning and balancing my energy gives me the support to keep my well being at the highest vibrations and continue with my spiritual transformation. 

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