What All My Birthdays Have Taught Me by Rei

What All My Birthdays Have Taught Me

By Rei

I just had my birthday.

My two children kept reminding me about my birthday and how old I will be at least six months prior as if I were looking forward to it. Sadly, it gets to my subconscious, and I answer my coming age as my current age. However, to my children, birthdays are the most important day of the year. They are already planning their next birthday the day after their birthday. I see my birthday different from years ago. After all these years, my birthdays have taught me that it is more like a time for self-confirmation if I have wisdom, live purposefully, and have self-love. Along with this, I have been working to gain self-love in terms of being kind to myself.


“My birthday is more like a time for self-confirmation, live purposefully, and have self-love.”  

When I first moved to LA from NY, I was shocked by the culture here that is under the pressure of being “beautiful.” The amount of advertisement for plastic surgery was just beyond. Because of Hollywood, I believe that many people are under pressure. Besides, the definition of beauty is based on what the media created. I have seen how the media portrays beautiful people, even if they are NOT 100% natural. 

Even when you go get a facial, they offer you Botox as if I need it! How rude! Lol. In general, that’s how numb our society has become. I worked for the apparel industry for a long time, attended New York fashion week, seen top models, and have been surrounded by self-conscious people. I never understood why we have to alter ourselves to achieve this beauty. We are no less when we don’t meet the image. 

Sometimes, I give attention to certain parts of my body. I’ve learned from a friend, we decide our appearances, as well as our lives before we were born to experience all. I am more interested in balancing my inner self and having healthier habits such as healthier food choices, using natural products, regular exercise, the right amount of sleep, and healthy hobbies. Equally, I believe that I have to take care of my body that holds my energy, which gives me experiences in life.

“I am more interested in balancing my inner self and having healthier habits.”

It is about feeling free, accepting, and embracing instead of focusing on what is missing. Importantly, as I am with this body longer each year, it is ultimately mastering self-love.

It is about feeling free, accepting, and embracing. It is mastering self-love

Breathing fresh air at the beach was the perfect way to reconnect with the Earth

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