What All My Birthdays Have Taught Me by Rei

What All My Birthdays Have Taught Me

By Rei

I just had my birthday.

My two children kept reminding me about my birthday and how old I will be at least six months prior as if I were looking forward to it. Sadly, it gets to my subconscious, and I answer my coming age as my current age. However, to my children, birthdays are the most important day of the year. They are already planning their next birthday the day after their birthday. I see my birthday different from years ago. After all these years, my birthdays have taught me that it is more like a time for self-confirmation if I have wisdom, live purposefully, and have self-love. Along with this, I have been working to gain self-love in terms of being kind to myself.


“My birthday is more like a time for self-confirmation, live purposefully, and have self-love.”  

When I first moved to LA from NY, I was shocked by the culture here that is under the pressure of being “beautiful.” The amount of advertisement for plastic surgery was just beyond. Because of Hollywood, I believe that many people are under pressure. Besides, the definition of beauty is based on what the media created. I have seen how the media portrays beautiful people, even if they are NOT 100% natural. 

Even when you go get a facial, they offer you Botox as if I need it! How rude! Lol. In general, that’s how numb our society has become. I worked for the apparel industry for a long time, attended New York fashion week, seen top models, and have been surrounded by self-conscious people. I never understood why we have to alter ourselves to achieve this beauty. We are no less when we don’t meet the image. 

Sometimes, I give attention to certain parts of my body. I’ve learned from a friend, we decide our appearances, as well as our lives before we were born to experience all. I am more interested in balancing my inner self and having healthier habits such as healthier food choices, using natural products, regular exercise, the right amount of sleep, and healthy hobbies. Equally, I believe that I have to take care of my body that holds my energy, which gives me experiences in life.

“I am more interested in balancing my inner self and having healthier habits.”

It is about feeling free, accepting, and embracing instead of focusing on what is missing. Importantly, as I am with this body longer each year, it is ultimately mastering self-love.

It is about feeling free, accepting, and embracing. It is mastering self-love

Breathing fresh air at the beach was the perfect way to reconnect with the Earth

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Water Is Not Just Water by Rei

Water Is Not Just Water

By Rei

Water is my first option to drink throughout the day, besides 2 cups of coffee and a glass of Pinot Noir occasionally. I acknowledge caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the body.

Years ago, I learned the benefits of water. It gives me much more gratitude, and I drink water more often. But water is not just water. Water doesn’t only hydrate the body; it also absorbs human consciousness and changes its molecules. Therefore, water can be used for manifestation. 

I educate my children about food and drinks instead of just saying “no.” They will know the consequences of what they put in their bodies. Thankfully, they choose to drink water on their own. 

“Water is not just water. Water can be used for manifestation. “

Studies show up to 60% of the human adult body is water—about 75% for children, and about 50% for the elderly. 

Water hydrates our bodies. So, not retaining enough water affects our bodies at different levels. In addition, water helps to detox, deliver oxygen, nutrients, nerve transmission, energy, etc. through the body. Therefore it means that dehydration can affect joints, muscle pains, hyperactivity, emotions, immune system, rejuvenation of skin, etc. 

“Water helps to detox, deliver oxygen, nutrients, nerve transmission, energy, etc. through the body.

Even if we have enough water throughout the day, the cells or specific parts could be dehydrated. As an example, BodyTalk balances hydration if it comes out as a priority during the session. 

There is a fascinating study of water conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a scientist. His study of water has proof that human consciousness impacts the physical realm. By producing different focused intentions through written/spoken words as well as music and presenting it to the same water samples, the water appears to “change its expression.” 

Having gratitude and love towards water changes its molecule. By drinking, it will change its molecular structure to suit the person. You can find his study at (https://www.masaru-emoto.net/en/crystal/) Sharing this study to my children, they whisper to their water, “I love you.” So cute!

Having gratitude and love towards water changes its molecule

As Dr. Emoto’s study proves, water takes on our intentions. For instance, Quantum Jumping Two Cups is one of the techniques to use for manifestation. I did this one year ago. Besides, I have tried different kinds of experiments to move forward in my life.

The technique is based on Parallel Universes. Meaning there are other versions of ourselves in a multiverse. This method is used to live the manifested version of yourself. 

You’ll need:

  • Two empty glasses. 
  • Two pieces of paper. On one, write your current situation you wish to change. On the other, what you want the situation to manifest into.
  • Stick each paper on different empty glasses.
  • Pour water in the glass that has the current situation. 
  • Take a moment to experience your current circumstances. 
  • Pour the water in the empty glass with what you want to manifest.
  • Visualize and feel when you manifest.
  • Drink the water with a great feeling engulfing your body.
  • Forget about it! 

I don’t remember what my intention was as it says, “Forget about it” Hahaha, But I am sure it came true! 

Additionally, another experiment I did was, “Know Your Guardian Angel is Here for You.” When you do this experiment and the taste of the tea changes, you know your Guardian Angel is looking out for you. 

What you need to do:

  • Make a tea, then drink up to ⅔ cup. 
  • Then offer the rest to your Guardian Angel with gratitude.
  • Wait for 10 seconds.
  • Drink the rest.

The taste of the tea suddenly changes after you offer it to your guardian angel. Importantly, it is recommended that you do this when you are in a good mood/high vibration. Well, it worked for me. Therefore, it is proven to me that water is affected by your frequency. 

Water is not just water. Its frequency proves that human consciousness affects the earth. It is all about vibration.

Focus on good things, and keep your vibrations high! 

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